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Computer Training – Basic Computer Skills

Smart Hands I.T. provides one on one computer training in the comfort of your own home, at your convenience, using your computer.

          We can offer basic training in all aspects of computer use, particularly when you have a new computer. From how to switch it on, and writing a word document and sending an email to more complex activities, like spreadsheets.

Inevitably, there are certain basic skills to be mastered; the fact is that many people never take the time to learn these very important basics. By studying them now, you will both save time later and improve your daily computer productivity.

Some of the areas we cover are:

  • Use a mouse to point, click and double-click

  • Keyboard and typing tips

  • Email techniques

  • Opening and closing software files

  • Saving documents

  • Accessing a CD-ROM

  • Locating a saved file

  • Copying and pasting files or text

  • Using the Internet

  • We can provide education in the use of many of the common software packages; for example: Microsoft Office Packages.

Smart Hands I.T. Class Vouchers
Need a great present for a parent, grandparent or friend?

          Smart Hands I.T. offers the ability to purchase Class Vouchers for our education services on a 2 hour basis so we can give our clients enough time to take in what they need to know as well as ask any questions they may think of as we go along.

          Contact us for pricing, rates vary based off of group size.

Three steps to receiving and using your vouchers:

1. Decide how many hours of education you would like to purchase and contact us today to receive your Smart Hands I.T. Class Voucher.

2. Your Class Voucher can be sent via email to print off or if you wish, a voucher can be mailed to you

3. Once you have given your voucher to the recipient they simply need to call us to book their lesson(s) by quoting their name and voucher number.

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