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Protected Business

Protect Your Business Data and Computer Systems

          A Business can lose thousands of dollars—and valuable staff productivity—when technology failures or common internet threats compromise computer systems and data. As described below, the Smart Hands I.T. Protected Practice solution combines server, network and backup technologies to help protect your data and help you recover quickly if disaster strikes.

Help prevent disaster before it occurs by making protection a priority with these Smart Hands I.T. Protected Practice solutions.

Prevent Disaster Before it Occurs

          The legal fees, remediation costs, restitution, fines and negative media exposure that come from data loss can have a lasting impact on your business. By utilizing Smart Hands I.T. recommended SRA service provided by various vendors you can help protect your customers, organization and professional reputation and avoid the common mistakes made by practitioners who don’t conduct an SRA. This service provides remediation recommendations where necessary, can help save you time and stress, allowing you to focus more on customers.

Remote System Monitoring

          As part of a Smart Hands I.T. support plan your system will be monitored to detect hardware and software performance issues and vulnerabilities that could affect your practice. Smart Hands I.T. support professionals will quickly identify and resolve issues to decrease your computer system downtime.

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Firewall Appliances

          Smart Hands I.T. can provide an all-in-one business grade firewall appliances that allow for remote office VPN connections. These solutions can help protect your practice from inappropriate web content, malicious software and internet threats as well as eliminates time and cost associated with multiple single-point security products.

Server Encryption Services

          A data breach at your practice could harm your patients’ security, as well as your financial stability. In addition to a damaged reputation, you could face financial damage from fines and lost revenue.

Smart Hands I.T. Server Encryption Service uses Microsoft Bitlocker, a full-disk encryption software that supports Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 128 or 256-bit encryption to help protect against unauthorized access to data at rest on your server if it is lost or stolen.

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