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          Your network must be able to efficiently handle the high volume, high traffic demands of today's computer systems and medical devices. Large image files, secured patient records, integrated practice management and internet access are all shaping new requirements for a purpose built and proven networking solution. And don't under estimate the value of offering protected guest Wi-Fi access in lobbies and waiting rooms. Smart Hands I.T.can quickly determine your networking needs and, by working with a variety of third party vendors, can help provide an affordable solution.

Wireless Access Point

          Smart Hands I.T. works with Comcast Wireless to provide high-performance Wi-Fi access points that deliver simple connectivity for managing both day-to-day office operations as well as separate private and public Wi-Fi signals with password protection for added security.

Firewall Appliances

          Smart Hands I.T. can provide an all-in-one business grade firewall appliances that allow for remote office VPN connections. These solutions can help protect your practice from inappropriate web content, malicious web software and internet threats as well as eliminates time and cost associated with multiple single-point security products.

Networking Switches

          Smart Hands I.T. can help large and small dental practices meet the demands of today’s virtualized networks with resilient, high-density, full-featured switches provided by HP and Dell.

With an assessment, Smart Hands I.T. can help you will get the right networking equipment to fit the needs of your dental office.

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