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Hybrid Backup Services

          Have you ever imagined how devastating it would be if you lost all of your business data such as customer records, financial and accounting information, payroll, inventory…everything? No one wants to think that disaster could strike them, but the nightmare of data loss is a probable reality. Think of the consequences of finding out the hard way that you haven’t been backing up critical data, your backup system is not working properly, or worse—losing it all to the silent killer of corrupted data or external threats. Hybrid backup service provides multiple points of recovery from such events to ensure your data is protected.

Help protect yourself

          To help protect yourself, you should keep redundant copies of your valuable data in two protected locations. Your data should be stored both at your office, such as on an external hard drive, as well as at a protected offsite location, such as in the cloud.

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Hybrid Backup Service

          Smart Hands I.T., is now offering Hybrid Backup Service, a redundant, remotely managed backup and recovery solution for small businesses. This new service takes the worry and hassle out of the backup process and provides greater peace of mind because your critical data is stored in and is potentially recoverable from two locations. Hybrid Backup Service is a single solution that takes a coordinated approach to managing backup copies of your critical data by using Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256-bit encryption while the data is stored locally and in the cloud.

With Hybrid Backup Service, should disaster strike your business, recovery of your data is quicker and much more probable.

Greater peace of mind with data restoration

          If you ever lose your server completely or in part because of disaster or hardware failure, the Hybrid Backup Services are designed to help recover your Business mangement software and data quickly. You will have access to your data both on the local backup device and in the cloud. In most cases Smart Hands I.T. can quickly assist you in restoring a previous version of a file, image, X-ray or full database with just a simple call to experts on the Smart Hands I.T. remote server monitoring team. If for any reason restoration requires onsite assistance, a Smart Hands I.T. technician will be dispatched to restore your data at your Business. (In some cases, a fee may apply.)

Know your practice is protected with monitored and managed data

          Smart Hands I.T. helps monitor your daily backup and should any errors be detected, will work with you to help resolve the issue and assist your business in confirming that the backup is completed successfully. Your practice will receive notifications and reports via email keeping you aware of activity on your account. In addition, the Smart Hands I.T. remote server monitoring team will assist your business in performing restoration of files and data as needed.

Help protect yourself through use of encryption

          To help protect you and your patients, Smart Hands I.T. Hybrid Backup Service keeps your data encrypted with AES-256 bit encryption, both on the local backup device and on the cloud server.

In addition to the backup device, encrypting your server with the Smart Hands I.T. Server Encryption Services using AES 128 or 256-bit encryption can also be part of a comprehensive security plan to help protect against unauthorized access to your data stored on your server. Be sure to ask your Smart Hands I.T. Rep or call Smart Hands I.T. about available drive encryption services.

Partner with Smart Hands I.T. to help improve data security

          Smart Hands I.T. offers you a team of technical experts who will be available at each step to oversee the proper setup and implementation of a reliable and redundant backup and recovery solution that, as part of a comprehensive security plan, can help protect your practice against disaster and data loss.

Most importantly, your Smart Hands I.T. solution is backed by Smart Hands I.T. commitment to quality customer service, so you can trust that you will receive the quality and customer service that you’ve come to rely on to keep your business productive and running smoothly.

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