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In-Home Computer Repair

Tacoma, Wa & Surrounding Areas 

On-Site Diagnostics and Repairs for most electronics.

To see if your area qualifies for an In-Home appointment.

Simply give us a call 253-719-4274

We service multiple areas around the state (not all) but; if you have arrived here through a Google Ad then it is very likely within our area.

We will come to you and figure out a solution to help fix your problem.


We charge for each repair.

The average customer has one or two needs.


Trip to your location. (We come to you.)

Diagnostics of issue. (We will do our best to come up with a solution to fix the issue on-site.)

Return trip for drop off if necessary. (No extra or hidden cost.)

Repair cost based on each repair / issue fixed. 

Got a computer virus? Can't get that printer to print?

Want to make your computer factory fresh without losing your information?

If you simply want to get it fixed, call 253-719-4274

The biggest benefit of On-Site repair is being able to make sure that it works before we leave and you don't have the hassles of taking it apart and to the store. We do take items back for longer repairs and drop them off and test for no extra charge.

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