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          PC’s and Servers are the workhorses of your business practice. Smart Hands I.T. works with HP Inc., HP Enterprises and Dell to bring you the solutions that meet your performance demands and integrates digital solutions with your practice management software. Smart Hands I.T. is continually striving to provide solutions that best fit your practice’s growing digital libraries and databases.

Computer Workstations

          Smart Hands I.T. works with Dell and HP to provide powerful workstation solutions that can enable your office to multitask and perform 3D scanning quickly and easily.

All-in-One Desktop

          With a HP or Dell AIO solution, Smart Hands I.T. can help you maximize your space and eliminate the need for a separate tower while giving your staff the ability to multitask quickly and increase productivity.


          With a Dell tablet or laptop, you can take full advantage of your space in each office and remove the need for a stationary computer for a better client experience.

          With an assessment, Smart Hands I.T. can help you will get the right equipment to fit the current and future needs of your office.

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