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Smart Hands I.T. can help you find the perfect peripheral technology for your office including monitors, printers, phones and other computer accessories.


          Your everyday office monitor just got an upgrade. Smart Hands I.T. offers practical, reliable, stylish and environmentally conscious monitors that are provided by a variety of manufactures are designed for the way you work and the tools you use every day. Now you have the flexibility to plan your office’s layout in a way that is a comfortable environment for your patients and staff.

Scanners and Printers

          Smart Hands I.T. has worked with several providers to bring you top of the line network enabled printers and scanners that allows for quick easy printing and scanning. These solutions have a variety of features to support the needs of your office including X-Ray photo scanners that support various common film formats.

          With an assessment, Smart Hands I.T. can help you will get the right equipment to fit the current and future needs of your office.

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Computer Accessories

          Smart Hands I.T. has worked with several additional manufactures to provide the accessories you need for your office workstations including external hard drives, keyboards, mice, cables and surge protection devices.

Network Accessories

          Though various manufactures Smart Hands I.T. provides high-performance Wi-Fi access points and switches that deliver simple connectivity for managing both day-to-day office operations as well as separate private and public Wi-Fi signals with password protection for added security.

Mounting Kits

          Smart Hands I.T. provides a full line of fixed, tilt, flip down and cantilever mounting solutions from multiple manufactures to accommodate various screen sizes to be viewed from multiple angles, customizing your office space to be more ergonomic and efficient. With a variety of internal cord management systems you can neatly hide all cables and cords for a clean, clutter-free installation.

Get the right equipment with a free assessment.

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